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3 bds 2 ba
Listed 1 day ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
44 Peter St
Markham, Old Markham Village L3P 2A6
List $ 1,350,000 New
4 bds 2 ba
Listed 3 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
14 Dunsinane Dr
Markham, Royal Orchard L3T 3K2
List $ 1,469,000 New
3+1 bds 3 ba
Listed 5 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
113 Fred Varley Dr
Markham, Unionville L3R 1T1
List $ 1,688,000 New
3+1 bds 3 ba
Listed 5 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
27 Cottontail Ave
Markham, Legacy L3S 4G3
List $ 2,050,000 New
3 bds 2 ba
Listed 6 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
77 Morgan Ave
Markham, Thornhill L3T 1R5
List $ 1,399,000 New
3+1 bds 3 ba
Listed 6 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
143 Henderson Ave
Markham, Thornhill L3T 2L6
List $ 1,698,000 New
3+1 bds 2 ba
Listed 9 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
81 Grandview Ave
Markham, Grandview L3T 1H3
List $ 1,690,000 New
2+1 bds 2 ba
Listed 12 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
6062 19th Ave
Markham, Rural Markham L3P 3J3
List $ 1,498,000 New
2+1 bds 4 ba
Listed 12 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
3 Sanctuary Way, #322
Markham, Greensborough L6E 0B6
List $ 1,259,000 New
3+2 bds 4 ba
Listed 17 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
40 Manorwood Dr
Markham, Berczy L6C 2T5
List $ 1,575,000 New
4 bds 3 ba
Listed 19 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
26 Risebrough Crct
Markham, Milliken Mills West L3R 3C1
List $ 1,428,888 New
3+1 bds 5 ba
Listed 20 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
8993 Woodbine Ave
Markham, Unionville L3R 0J9
List $ 3,000,000 New
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Welcome to bungalowconnect.com, your ultimate destination for discovering available bungalows for sale in Markham, Ontario. Our platform simplifies the process of exploring a diverse range of bungalows across different neighborhoods and areas in Markham. Feel free to explore our website at your leisure, without any pressure from aggressive real estate agents. Our sole purpose is to assist you in finding the perfect bungalow that aligns with your dreams!

You've arrived at the Markham page. If you're interested in exploring bungalows in other areas, simply click here. For those intrigued by Markham, keep reading to learn why purchasing a bungalow in this city is an excellent choice.

Our collection features an array of bungalows available for purchase in Markham. But how do you determine which property suits your needs? Additionally, how can you determine if Markham is the ideal location for your lifestyle?

To provide you with better insights, we're here to share our knowledge about Markham. Here's a concise overview of Markham's key attributes:


Markham is a vibrant and diverse city known for its growth and multicultural community. It has experienced remarkable development and attracts individuals from various backgrounds, contributing to its cultural richness.

Cultural Diversity

Markham embraces cultural diversity, where influences from around the world come together harmoniously. This diversity is reflected in its culinary scene, cultural celebrations, and events, creating an exciting environment to experience various traditions.


Getting around Markham is convenient. With accessible transit options, moving within the city is smooth. Moreover, major roadways provide seamless connectivity to neighboring areas.


Markham offers a range of attractions for your enjoyment. From parks and recreational spaces to shopping centers, there's something for everyone. Historical sites and local markets add to the city's charm.

Educational Opportunities

Education in Markham is well-regarded, offering a variety of schools from elementary to high school, both public and private. These institutions emphasize academic excellence and holistic development.

Surrounding Communities

Markham's neighboring communities offer diverse experiences for exploration. From modern urban areas to serene natural retreats, the surrounding regions complement Markham's appeal.

In a nutshell, Markham is a thriving city with a blend of cultures, growth, and a wide range of activities to cater to various interests.


Top 5 Bungalow-Friendly Neighborhoods in Markham

A common question is, "We're interested in owning a bungalow in Markham, but which neighborhoods are the best?" Based on our research, we've compiled the top 5 neighborhoods for bungalow living in Markham:


With its historic charm and upscale amenities, Unionville offers a mix of modern and elegant bungalows, catering to various lifestyles.

Markham Village

This neighborhood combines a cozy atmosphere with convenient access to local amenities. Bungalows here provide a comfortable and connected living experience.


Cornell offers a suburban ambiance and family-friendly amenities. Bungalows in Cornell provide a welcoming and modern living environment.

Box Grove

Box Grove boasts a blend of modern convenience and natural beauty. Bungalows in this area offer a balance between urban amenities and serene surroundings.

Angus Glen

For those seeking luxury and sophistication, Angus Glen's bungalows offer upscale living in a prestigious golf course community.

Keep in mind that neighborhood preferences can evolve over time due to various factors. Consulting local real estate experts will provide the most current insights into the best areas for bungalow living in Markham.


Ready to Make Your Bungalow Dream a Reality in Markham?

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