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1 bds 1 ba
Listed 20 hours ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
4985 Southampton Dr, #44
Mississauga, Churchill Meadows L5M 8C6
List $ 499,000 New
4 bds 2 ba
Listed 1 day ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
1018 Fourth St
Mississauga, Lakeview L5E 1J9
List $ 999,000 New
3+2 bds 2 ba
Listed 2 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
6069 Starfield Cres
Mississauga, Meadowvale L5N 1X2
List $ 999,990 New
3+1 bds 2 ba
Listed 2 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
6465 Dunray Crt
Mississauga, Streetsville L5N 1L1
List $ 1,299,999 New
3+1 bds 2 ba
Listed 2 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
1217 Lakebreeze Dr
Mississauga, Mineola L5G 3W7
List $ 1,558,000 New
3+1 bds 3 ba
Listed 3 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
430 Ginger Dwns
Mississauga, Mississauga Valleys L5A 3A7
List $ 1,099,000 New
3 bds 2 ba
Listed 3 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
2150 Pineneedle Row
Mississauga, Erindale L5C 1V3
List $ 2,899,000 New
3+2 bds 3 ba
Listed 3 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
3554 Ashcroft Cres
Mississauga, Erindale L5C 2E7
List $ 990,000 New
5 bds 4 ba
Listed 3 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
1572 Knareswood Dr
Mississauga, Lorne Park L5H 2M1
List $ 2,200,000 New
4 bds 3 ba
Listed 3 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
1575 Lewisham Dr
Mississauga, Clarkson L5J 3R2
List $ 1,290,000 New
3 bds 3 ba
Listed 4 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
2878 Windwood Dr
Mississauga, Meadowvale L5N 2N3
List $ 1,099,000 New
3+1 bds 2 ba
Listed 4 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
1510 Applewood Rd
Mississauga, Lakeview L5E 2M3
List $ 1,325,000 New
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Welcome to bungalowconnect.com, your premier destination for discovering available bungalows for sale in Mississauga, Peel Region, Ontario. Our platform streamlines the process of exploring a diverse range of bungalows across various regions and areas. Feel free to explore our website at your leisure, free from any aggressive real estate agents. Our main focus is to guide you in finding the bungalow that perfectly aligns with your dreams!

You've landed on the Mississauga page. If you're interested in exploring bungalows in other areas, simply click here. For those intrigued by Mississauga, continue reading to understand why purchasing a bungalow in this city is an excellent decision.

Our collection comprises an array of bungalows available for purchase in Mississauga. But how do you choose the right property for your needs? Furthermore, how do you determine if Mississauga is the ideal city for your lifestyle?

To provide you with better insights, we're here to share our knowledge about Mississauga. Here's a concise overview of Mississauga's key features:


Mississauga is a dynamic city known for its growth and diverse community. It has experienced significant development and attracts individuals from various backgrounds, contributing to its cultural richness.

Cultural Diversity

Mississauga celebrates cultural diversity, where influences from around the world blend harmoniously. This diversity is reflected in its culinary scene, festivals, and community events, creating an exciting environment to experience different traditions.


Navigating Mississauga is convenient. With accessible transit options like MiWay and proximity to major highways like the 401 and 403, moving within the city and beyond is seamless.


Mississauga offers a variety of attractions for your enjoyment. From beautiful parks and waterfront areas to cultural hubs like Celebration Square, there's something for everyone. The Living Arts Centre and diverse dining options add to the city's allure.


Education in Mississauga is well-established, offering a range of schools from elementary to high school, both public and private. These institutions emphasize holistic development, encompassing academics and extracurricular activities.

Neighboring Cities

For those seeking to explore, Mississauga's neighboring cities offer unique experiences. From the urban offerings of Toronto to the charm of Oakville, the surrounding areas complement Mississauga's appeal.

In summary, Mississauga is a thriving city with cultural diversity, growth, and an array of activities to engage a variety of interests.


Top 5 Bungalow-Friendly Neighborhoods in Mississauga

A common question is, "We're excited about owning a bungalow in Mississauga, but where should we focus?" Based on our research, we've compiled the top 5 neighborhoods for bungalow living in Mississauga:

Port Credit

Nestled by the waterfront, Port Credit offers a picturesque atmosphere and access to parks and trails. This vibrant neighborhood features a mix of housing options, including detached bungalows.

Erin Mills

Erin Mills offers a balance of green spaces and urban amenities. With its shopping centers, schools, and parks, it provides a mix of housing styles, including bungalows with character.


Streetsville boasts a small-town feel with a historic downtown core. With a blend of shops, cafes, and schools, it offers a variety of housing, including cozy bungalows.


Meadowvale combines convenience and family-friendly ambiance. With its community centers, schools, and parks, it offers a range of housing options suitable for families and individuals.

Lorne Park

For those seeking an upscale suburban lifestyle, Lorne Park offers luxurious homes and a prestigious ambiance. Its proximity to amenities and natural beauty adds to its appeal.

Keep in mind that neighborhood preferences can evolve due to various factors. Consulting local real estate experts will provide the most up-to-date insights into the best areas for bungalow living in Mississauga.


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