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3 bds 2 ba
Listed 2 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
1518 County Road 92
Springwater, Elmvale L0L 1P0
List $ 1,199,700 New
3 bds 2 ba
Listed 2 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
2100 South Orr Lake Rd
Springwater, Rural Springwater L0L 1P0
List $ 1,188,000 New
3 bds 3 ba
Listed 3 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
58 Ghibb Ave
Springwater, Anten Mills L0L 1Y2
List $ 1,379,000 New
3 bds 2 ba
Listed 4 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
3796 Horseshoe Valley Rd W
Springwater, Rural Springwater L9X 1E4
List $ 1,429,000 New
3+1 bds 2 ba
Listed 6 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
34 Idlewood Dr
Springwater, Midhurst L9X 0P5
List $ 999,900 New
3+0 bds 2 ba
Listed 6 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
3028 Old Second Rd S
Springwater, Midhurst L9X 1P6
List $ 1,325,000 New
3+2 bds 4 ba
Listed 8 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
2 Edgecombe Terr
Springwater, Centre Vespra L4N 7K9
List $ 1,798,000 New
3+2 bds 3 ba
Listed 9 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
58 Albert St E
Springwater, Hillsdale L0L 1V0
List $ 824,900 New
3 bds 2 ba
Listed 9 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
7 Glenhuron Dr
Springwater, Midhurst L9X 0T9
List $ 1,465,000 New
3+2 bds 5 ba
Listed 12 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
5 Jean Miller Crt
Springwater, Snow Valley L9X 2B1
List $ 2,000,000 New
2+1 bds 2 ba
Listed 15 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
1679 George Johnston Rd
Springwater, Minesing L0L 1Y0
List $ 699,000 New
3+1 bds 5 ba
Listed 17 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
20 Barrie Hill Lane
Springwater, Snow Valley L9X 0A1
List $ 2,899,999 New
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Welcome to bungalowconnect.com, your ultimate destination for discovering available bungalows for sale in Springwater, Ontario. Our platform simplifies the process of exploring a diverse range of bungalows in Springwater and its various neighborhoods. Feel free to browse our website at your leisure, without any pressure from aggressive real estate agents. Our primary goal is to assist you in finding the perfect bungalow that aligns with your dreams!

You've landed on the Springwater page. If you're interested in exploring bungalows in other areas, simply click here. For those captivated by Springwater, continue reading to understand why purchasing a bungalow in this region is an exceptional choice.

Our collection features an array of bungalows available for purchase in Springwater. But how do you determine which property suits your needs? Furthermore, how can you determine if Springwater is the ideal location for your preferred lifestyle?

To offer you better insights, we're here to share our knowledge about Springwater. Here's a concise overview of Springwater's key attributes:


Springwater is a dynamic region known for its growth and tight-knit community. It has undergone remarkable development and attracts individuals from diverse backgrounds, contributing to its cultural richness.

Natural Beauty

Springwater embraces its natural beauty, with lush landscapes and serene surroundings. This connection to nature is reflected in outdoor activities, parks, and recreational opportunities, creating a picturesque environment for residents.


Navigating Springwater is convenient. With well-planned routes and roadways, getting around the region is seamless. Moreover, proximity to major highways ensures easy connections to nearby areas.

Local Attractions

Springwater offers a range of attractions for your enjoyment. From outdoor adventures to local events, there's something for everyone. Historical sites and community markets add to the region's charm.

Education Opportunities

Education in Springwater is well-regarded, providing a range of schools from elementary to high school, both public and private. These institutions prioritize holistic development, along with academic excellence.

Neighboring Communities

For those seeking exploration, Springwater's neighboring communities offer diverse experiences. From tranquil rural settings to bustling urban centers, the surrounding areas complement Springwater's appeal.

In essence, Springwater is a thriving area with a blend of community spirit, natural beauty, and a wide array of activities to cater to various interests.


Top 5 Bungalow-Friendly Neighborhoods in Springwater

A common question is, "We're interested in owning a bungalow in Springwater, but which neighborhoods are the best?" Based on our research, we've compiled the top 5 neighborhoods for bungalow living in Springwater:


With its charming countryside atmosphere and proximity to amenities, Midhurst offers a mix of modern and rural bungalows, catering to various lifestyles.


Minesing combines natural tranquility with accessibility. The area features bungalows surrounded by green spaces and opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Anten Mills

Anten Mills offers a close-knit community feel and a range of bungalow options. Residents here enjoy a peaceful setting with easy access to nearby conveniences.

Snow Valley

Snow Valley boasts a blend of natural beauty and recreational opportunities. Bungalows in this area provide a cozy yet active living experience.


For those seeking a serene countryside ambiance, Phelpston's bungalows offer a quiet retreat with a genuine sense of community.

Remember that neighborhood preferences can evolve over time due to various factors. Consulting local real estate experts will provide the most up-to-date insights into the best areas for bungalow living in Springwater.


Ready to Turn Your Bungalow Dream into Reality in Springwater?

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